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Lucky Minutes cardsFULL INFO · Connection Fee - 18 cents (calls > 1 min.)
· Maintenance Fee - 89 c/week
· Rounding - 3 minutes
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 28%
FULL INFO · Connection Fee - No
· Maintenance Fee - 59 c/biweekly
· Rounding - 3 minute
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 15%
2.6¢ / 3.6¢
FULL INFO · Connection Fee - No
· Maintenance Fee - 89 c/weekly
· Rounding - 3 minutes
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 28%
2.7¢ / 3.7¢
Jiputer cardsFULL INFO · Connection Fee - No
· Maintenance Fee - No
· Rounding - 1 minute
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 17%

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