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Please select a country where you calling from and to

Select card, and buy!

$10 calling card

Buy and use 10 dollar international calling card - it's easy.

Step #1 - Choose countries where are you calling from and destination (to). On the main page you can choose only counries, without cities, but next page has additional list cities. For example, you call from USA-Mobile to Mexico, Monterey. Please, choose 1)USA-Mobile to Mexico. 2)Choose USA-Mobile - Mexico-Monterey, cos call to Mexico cost 1.1 c/min, and call to Monterey cost 0.4 c/min.

If you call to cell-phone, choose COUNTRY-CELL (example. Mexico-CELL)

Step #2. Choose suitable calling card. Some cards has connection fee and maintance fee. If you going to call rarely, choose card without maintance fee.

Step #3. Buy $10 calling card or other par. Fill billing and credit card information.

Step #4. Register your phone number, and start calling to your destination. Just 10$.

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2 dollars calling card
Australia Calling cards to India from Canada